Masterplan update - November 2012

An update on the progress of the ongoing Masterplan projects.

The Masterplan aims to satisfy UWE's changing needs over the next 25 years.

The UWE Campus Masterplan Concept Statement was endorsed by South Gloucestershire Council in December 2011. The Masterplan has been developed further during 2012, and an update consultation with the wider community was held in June 2012.

The Masterplan has now been finalised and submitted to the Council as an outline planning application in November 2012. This will enable the University to move forward positively with the development of detailed proposals for the Campus.

It is intended that the Masterplan will satisfy UWE’s changing needs over the next 25 years. The Masterplan sets out a range of building proposals within a flexible framework as supported by necessary infrastructure.

The Masterplan is intended as an illustrative document, to guide and facilitate the further development of Frenchay Campus in the future. The Masterplan may be subject to further change in the future to address potential changes in the Higher Education sector.

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