Masterplan update - June 2012

An update on the progress of the ongoing Masterplan projects.

The UWE Campus Masterplan Concept Statement was endorsed by South Gloucestershire Council in December 2011, subject to a number of points for further detailed consideration.

As a next step, UWE has sought to reconsider and finalise Masterplan proposals for the Campus, bearing in mind the comments raised in previous public consultations and as part of on-going detailed discussions with South Gloucestershire Council and other key stakeholders.

UWE is now confident regarding the range of proposals in the Masterplan and is working toward the submission of an Outline Planning Application to South Gloucestershire Council in August/September 2012. This will enable the University to move forward positively with the development of detailed proposals for the Campus.

In advance of the application submission UWE is updating the wider community regarding UWE’s progress and plans. This applies not only to Frenchay Campus but also to adjacent sites in which UWE has an interest, namely the UWE Stadium site and Land East of Coldharbour Lane.

It is intended that the Masterplan will satisfy UWE’s changing needs over the next 25 years. The Masterplan sets out a range of building proposals within a flexible framework as supported by necessary infrastructure. The Masterplan is intended as an indicative document, to guide and facilitate the further development of the Frenchay Campus in the future. The Masterplan may be subject to further change in the future given potential changes in the Higher Education sector.


The University welcomes any feedback that staff/students, local residents and neighbours may wish to offer. This can be provided by completing the comment form or by e-mail to Avril Baker Consultancy at  by the closing date of 6 July 2012.


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