The Hub at Glenside Campus

The Hub

A new vibrant collaborative space for staff, students and visitors in the heart of Glenside Campus has opened, replacing the former Traders canteen.

The Hub at Glenside is a contemporary and welcoming environment including touch-down work spaces and comfortable seating with power and USB ports, a food outlet serving hot meals, and a new café shop called the Coffee Pod.

The Coffee Pod serves Bristol Twenty's coffee and tea, a local company based in Avonmouth. Having a local provider in the new space was in response to staff and student feedback.

The new lighting and repainting of the walls and ceiling give a visually enhanced appearance, with specialist acoustic panelling, flooring and furniture providing sound dampening.

The new space is part of the ongoing redevelopment of Glenside Campus, based on feedback from staff and students. Other developments include the Glenside Laundry.

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