Plants inside the Envirotron greenhouse


The Envirotron is a sophisticated greenhouse that minimises environmental impact and provides fine control of conditions within individual compartments.

The Envirotron features a significant amount of specialist equipment, including automatically-controlled lighting, blinds, vents and fans to ensure plants don't overheat.

Based at Frenchay Campus, the facilities are designed to support teaching and transform research and partnerships in the areas of biodiversity, conservation, environmental change and food security.

The Envirotron is integral to several courses on offer from the Department of Applied Sciences including BSc(Hons) Environmental Science and findings from ongoing projects will inform what students are taught - providing them with an inside advantage on research that will have local and global implications.

Current projects include work on pollution, plant diseases and stress biology and partners include Wildlife Trusts, the Eden Project, the National Botanic Garden of Wales, the Environment Agency and the Natural Environment Research Council.

The Envirotron will also be used to develop biosensors for nutrients in crops and to monitor the biogeochemistry of greenhouse gas emissions.

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