Bristol Business School atrium showing glass panelled rooms

About Bristol Business School

From our £55 million investment we have a 17,200m2 space serving 5,500 students and containing 148 offices over 7 floors.

More than a university

Bristol Business School is designed with our students learning at the forefront. Uniting a place of study with a professional place of business - a space that exemplifies the type of business setting that our students may go to work upon graduation.

The bench in a showcase law courtAs you enter Bristol Business School a warm and welcoming café greets you and as you look up from the Atrium you can see some of our professional spaces:

  • our Bloomberg City Trading room enabling our students to work on live market data and experience the trading world for the first time
  • our showcase law courts where students act out real scenarios to enhance their learning
  • our Team Entrepreneurship space where students set-up and run their own business while studying with us.

Mixing business with learning

Our students have the opportunity to rub shoulders with real businesses based in the Business School. You'll find spaces where students and business professionals are brought together. And there's an on-site legal advice and business clinic where small businesses can come and receive free business and legal advice from our students. This brings benefits to both parties; as a student it's a great way to put learning into practice, professionally network and make connections. Our Business partners receive free advice and can talent spot for future employment opportunities.

"We want our students to be ready and able graduates. And, our building bridges a university environment with a professional working environment"

Marianne Reed, Head of Faculty Strategic Developments

Businesses can take advantage of our spaces too. Our rooms are available for hire and we can help cater for events, conferences, and training. And for those who require a semi-permanent base, our Business Engagement Centre offers an executive education suite and meeting spaces.

Our ambition made real

Our building represents our standing as an internationally renowned Business and Law School and it demonstrates our ambition as an institution both with the scale and with the financial investment from the University and our donors.

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The building houses all Bristol Business School and Bristol Law School staff and provides innovative teaching spaces for our programmes in Accounting, Economics and Finance, Business and Management, and Law (including professional legal education).

Teaching in the Bloomberg Trading RoomThe new building includes:

  • two showcase law courts
  • Bloomberg city trading room
  • 300 seat lecture theatre
  • two Harvard lecture theatres
  • Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) classrooms
  • flexible social learning spaces
  • an external business engagement space
  • incubator and coaching space for our BA(Hons) Business (Team Entrepreneurship) programme
  • Bristol Business Engagement Centre including an executive education suite and meeting spaces
  • three Research Centres (Leadership, Law, Finance and Economics) and research groups
  • a Pro Bono business and law clinic
  • a central atrium and café, with an outside area
  • spaces for hire by business and partners for events, conferences, training and meetings.

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