Prospective students at Open Day touring the campus

Preparing for university

There is a lot to think about when making the transition to University. To help prepare, we've put together some tips from our students, advice on managing your finances and practical information about what to do before and when you arrive.

How does it feel to start university?

Moving away from home to start university is a huge change. It can feel exciting and full of possibilities but also brings on feelings of stress and anxiety.

Hear from some of our students talking about their transition and tips to help you adapt:

I found it difficult to begin with. I went from living at home where there’s four of us to moving into accommodation with 11 other people. For me that was scary. I moved in the week before Fresher’s started which worked in my favour. There were a few people in each flat around me and we gathered together like a little family. That’s how I met my best friend Lauren.”

Beth, BA(Hons) History

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