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Financial information

Financial report and key financial statistics for 2017/18

The University has had a good year with solid performance in:

  • UK undergraduate student recruitment
  • enhancement of our academic partnerships in the UK and across the globe
  • investing in our students' experience, academic endeavours and capital infrastructure, including people, systems and estate.

Financial performance during the year was positive with operating surplus of £7.6m before actuarial gains in respect of the pension scheme.

Our infrastructure investment programme further delivered state-of-the-art laboratories, Health Tec Hub and Innovation Centres, enhancing the University's technology space across our estates.

See the full Annual Report and Financial Statement.

What we spent our money on during 2017/18

The following pie chart highlights the University's financial expenditure per pound of income for the year. You can also view in text format (see expenditure per pound in text format).

Pie chat showing what we spent our money on 

Income by type 2017/18 (£m)

Total income for 2017/18 was £271.3m. The following pie chart indicates the University's income by type during 2017/18 (see income by type in text format).

Pie chart showing income by type 

Expenditure by type 2017/18 (£m)

Total expenditure for 2017/18 was £263.7m. The following pie chart indicates the University's expenditure by type during 2017/18 (see expenditure by type in text format).

Pie chart showing expenditure by type 

Income and expenditure overview (text format)

What we spent our money on during 2017/18

  • Academic and related expenditure - 50p in the pound
  • Research grants and contacts - 3p in the pound
  • Administration and central services - 18p in the pound
  • Premises - 12p in the pound
  • Residencies and catering - 7p in the pound
  • Other income generating activities - 6p in the pound
  • For investments in our future - 4p in the pound

Income by type 2017/18

  • Tuition fees and education contracts - £193.8m
  • Funding body grants - £22.1m
  • Research grants and contracts - £13.6m
  • Other income - £41.2m
  • Investment income - £0.6m

Expenditure by type 2017/18

  • Staff costs - £160.4m
  • Other operating expenses - £80.8m
  • Depreciation - £17.2m
  • Interest and other finance costs - £5.3m

Financial reports and statements for previous years

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