Project background

JISC Course Data

The JISC Course Data project was founded through the Course Data work within the e-Learning programme 2011-2013.

The JISC Course Data programme is supporting the higher education sector to prepare for increasing demand for course data, and increase the availability of high-quality, accurate information about part-time, online and distance learning opportunities offered by UK institutions.

JISC is funding the development of a tool to aggregate institutions’ course data and publish it online. This uses the data standard eXchanging Course Related Information - Course Advertising Profile (XCRI-CAP). In parallel, JISC is funding institutions to prepare to feed course data into this tool.

Course Data: making the most of course information - Stage 2 Project

Funding was allocated to institutions in September 2011 for Stage 1, to carry out a self assessment and propose a Stage 2 project to take the institution forward. Course Data is UWE Bristol’s Stage 2 project, running from January 2012 to March 2013.

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