Post roll-out activities

Once WAMS was launched in the Uiversity, a number of activities took place to embed the system and to support the transistion phase to "business as usual".

Support transition phase to "business as usual"

Post WAMS go-live in April 2013 followed a 6-week support transition phase to “business as usual” which included the following elements:


Post go-live monitoring with key users (reporting any issues / concerns, checking number of WAMS users logging in, number of faults raised etc.) was undertaken.

Internal communication and business readiness

A dedicated “Business Readiness and Communication” sub-group was formed to define and direct the comms to the wider UWE community so there were no surprises for stakeholders outside the project team during the system implementation.

The WAMS launch was published together with training dates, training videos and guidance documents on the Internal Communication Weekly e-news bulletins over a number of months and the Monthly Managers e-zine.

Training and knowledge transfer

The Associate Dean for Resources and Planning, also called the WLM formula expert, ran WAMS training sessions for allocators during the critical first month (April 2013).

The senior business analyst covered training for new faculty planning administrators due to staff turnover.

The IT training manager (from HR) arranged ongoing WAMS training sessions at the Learning and Development Centre.

Knowledge transfer to the UWE IT Help desk took place to enable them to respond to WAMS help desk queries.

Online WAMS FAQs for all WAMS user roles were created and are maintained.

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