Stakeholder interview - Training team

The training manager, who is part of the Learning Development Centre, answered the following questions regarding his role and that of his team in the deployment of the Academic Workload Model and WAMS.

Questions and answers

What has your involvement been with the workload model and system/tool (WAMS)?

"I have been the lead on the training stream of the WAMS project. I was required to assess training needs and produce support materials as required. This involved liaising with project leads, system developers and pilot users."

Do/did you participate in the design and delivery of WAMS training sessions?

"I designed and delivered most of the WAMS training both class based and e-learning modules. I also produced the allocators guide (for WAMS allocators) and full user guide (for all system users).

"The class based training sessions were delivered to large groups of academics, and were instructor-led sessions but with a chance for users to use the system in preparation for full rollout. It gave the allocators a chance to practice allocating workload and to ask any questions to either myself or one of the project leads. Sessions were well attended and feedback from delegates was very positive."

What lessons learned would you like to share about the experience?

"I think the project was meticulously planned, which meant my involvement was made much easier. The scope was clearly defined, the user base identified and the system was fully functional prior to and during training. Regular weekly meetings with pilot users and key stakeholders meant we were all fully prepared to deliver a robust training package."

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