Workload Model Implementation Group (WLMIG)

The Implementation Group reported to the Governance Group during the development and implementation of the UWE Workload Model. This Group was dismantled as soon as the model was implemented. However, the Governance Group remains in place.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference for the WLM Implementation Group (WLMIG) were:

  • To operate as the advisory group to the WLM Project, Faculty and Central Service Executives and the WLM Governance Group on matters related to the implementation of the Academic Workload Model.
  • To review and advise faculty executive teams and WLM administrators regarding the operation of the AWM to ensure consistency across departments and faculties.
  • To ensure that the operational practices and procedures are identified and implemented in line with the principles of the workload model. This will include input to and advice from the WLM Governance Group, Faculty Executives, Heads of Department, Human Resources and Administration teams, and in consultation with UCU where necessary.
  • To share problems and solutions to common issues around the use of the WLM spreadsheet, and to feed into any future development or enhancement.
  • Frequency of meetings will be approximately monthly during the Implementation phase, and then at least quarterly to review the Academic Workload Model on an ongoing basis when fully operational.
  • To identify and review issues during the initial implementation for feedback into the WLM Review.

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