Workload Model Governance Group (WLMGG)

The role of the Governance Group is pivotal to the existence of a workload model within an institution. Below is some information on how it works at UWE Bristol.

The Governance Group is chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Resources).

Terms of reference

The Terms of reference of the WLM Governance Group (WLMGG) are as follows:

  • To operate as the advisory group to the University, Faculty and Central Service Executives on matters related to the operation of the Academic Workload Model and its ongoing development.
  • To review and advise faculty executive teams regarding consistency in decisions made about non-‘standard’ workload claims for teaching, research, management and other elements of academic workload.
  • To ensure that the operational practices are also identified and implemented in line with the principles of the workload model. This includes input to and advice from the University Executive, Faculty Executives, Heads of Department, Human Resources and Administration teams and in consultation with UCU where necessary.
  • Frequency of meetings was approximately monthly during the initial implementation and then at least annually to review the Academic Workload Model on an ongoing basis when fully operational.
  • The Workload Model Governance Group is an executive management group and therefore should not involve UCU representatives. However, representatives of the group consult regularly with UCU regarding the Academic Workload Model.
  • The Group decides upon and reviews all tariffs to ensure equity. All exceptions to the Academic Workload Model are presented to the Governance Group for consideration and decision. In effect, this is a positive response in terms of the Learning and Teaching solutions (ie to point colleagues in the direction of best practice). However, all exceptions presented to the Group have been through a faculty process in the first instance, that is to say, proposed exceptions presented to the group should have full backing of the Faculty Executive.

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