Stakeholder interview -WLM formula expert

The UWE Workload Model is formulaic and is based on a set of tariffs and scalers. The WLM formula was enhanced after consultation with the Unions by the UWE Associate Dean (Resources and Planning) in the Faculty of Business and Law who has taken care of it and is now referred to as the UWE Workload Model formula expert.


The UWE WLM formula expert has an industry and academic background and has performed a variety of roles in HEI including being a Head of Department. He is currently Associate Dean Resources and Planning in the Faculty of Business and Law. He had developed a WLM for a business school prior to joining UWE. As a HOD, he planned work for staff and allocated work units for a various roles performed.

The UWE WLM formula expert is also a member of the joint University and Union Forum Group that considers application of the workload model in terms of academic staff work issues.

Question and answer

The following question was asked to the expert about his involvement with developing the workload model and system.

What has your involvement been in the workload model teaching formula?

"Following concerns from staff regarding the formula used in the first iteration of the UWE workload model, I reviewed the main work areas performed in the teaching side to create metrics for a standardised module delivery. This was a means to generate a resource that could be allocated to staff in a fair and transparent manner. The teaching formula still kept Module Leadership as a separate activity to the teaching side that covered the area of:

  • Large group dissemination of knowledge (lectures)
  • Small group application of knowledge (eg tutorials, workshops, seminars, labs etc)
  • Marking
  • Any other teaching activity

"The teaching formula was based on a standard contact time for a given module credit size, took account of student numbers, group/room size and marking rate. Where any variations to this standardised delivery were warranted, then different scalers (tariffs) to be agreed by a university wide governance group could be included into the workload model for calculating an appropriate resource level required to teach the module. This approach was agreed by the UCU and UWE Management, and was implemented in 2012.

"I developed a spreadsheet to enable any academic to calculate the workload bundles associated with teaching and dissertation work. I also developed more sophisticated spreadsheets for HODs and others who allocate teaching to use for more complex modules with large numbers of staff involved, to assist with work planning. I conducted training sessions with staff on how the revised teaching model worked."

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