Stakeholder interview - Finance

Some questions about the involvement of Finance in the development of the workload model and the generation of TRAC data were asked to the Head of Finance Business System.

Questions and answers

What was your involvement in the workload model and system (WAMS)?

"In my role of TRAC (Transparent Approach to Costing) practitioner at UWE, I first became involved in workload planning back in March 2010 when the University was invited to participate in a TRAC Development Group management information project entitled ‘Workload planning methods and academic time allocation’. At that time, UWE was already in the process of implementing a standard University-wide workload model (WLM), and it seemed a natural progression to expand this model to include TRAC data.

"This was the reason for forming a multi-disciplinary project team with the specific objective of reviewing and developing the WLM in order to collect data on academic time for annual TRAC submission, and therefore replacing the need to collect and maintain Time Allocation Schedule (TAS) survey data. Each member of the team brought their own area of expertise, mine being a detailed knowledge of TRAC requirements.

"The project team worked closely together, meeting on a regular basis and although not always from the same viewpoint, each having a perspective aligned to their speciality, overcame the many hurdles of a large complex organisation to make it happen. The University’s 2012/13 annual TRAC return was submitted using WLM data.

"Through the project, I have gained invaluable experience, including a deeper understanding and insight in the workings of others and the pressure of time constraints."

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