About the Innovation and Transformation Fund project

In 2013, UWE Bristol secured an award from the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education Innovation and Transformation Fund, which is jointly founded by the Leadership Foundation and HEFCE. The project set out to make available to the HE sector a transferrable model for the allocation and management of academic staff time across the full range of activities. One of the model's characteristics is that it can generate data required for TRAC monitoring purposes.

Project aim

To promote (via workshops and web-based resources) the transferrable UWE Bristol-developed Workload Allocation Model and its system, Workload Allocation Management Service (WAMS), which incorporates TRAC (Transparent Approach to Costing). This is in place following funding received from HEFCE's Innovation and Transformation Fund.

Project objectives

The main objectives of the Innovation and Transformation Fund project were to:

  • Raise the profile and share the knowledge of the Academic Workload Model within the HE sector.
  • Advertise the Workload Allocation Management Service (WAMS)implemented by UWE Bristol with the benefit of TRAC reporting to other institutions.
  • Provide transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in academic workload allocation and TRAC reporting on a wider scale across the HE sector.

Objectives were met in a relatively short period of time.

Project deliverables and outcomes

The following documents outline where the project started and what was delivered against the project objectives:

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