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Our prepaid 'refresh' vouchers can be exchanged for meals, snacks, soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages at UWE Hospitality cafes and restaurants on all campuses throughout the academic year.

Booklets with a total value of £25 have vouchers in £1 and £2 denominations.

Purchase your voucher booklets on the UWE Online Store.

All meal vouchers must be collected from our Catering Office, Room 2E20, Frenchay Campus, Monday to Friday, 8:30 - 16:30.

Terms and conditions

1. All requests for vouchers must be sent to Catering Services via the online catering request form. As well as quantity, voucher type (breakfast, drink, lunch), and date of use, to assist catering operations please state the catering outlet(s) and approximate time the vouchers are to be used in the further comments box.

2. Requests must be received no later than 10:00 for next day use. Any requests received after the deadline will incur a late booking fee of £25, or may be subject to refusal as food provision orders and staff resources will have already been placed.

3. The minimum value for each voucher is as follows: a. Breakfast £6.10 Drink £2.10 Lunch £7.30

4. It is the responsibility of the Faculty/Department to print and distribute the vouchers. A PDF file containing a single page of 10 vouchers will be emailed to the requester only. The vouchers are to be printed on white card or paper, from which the required number of vouchers are to be cut. Any excess or unused vouchers must be destroyed.

5. To prevent unauthorised duplication, please adhere to the following a. Vouchers should be issued to the recipients on the day, preferably as close to the time of their use as possible. b. The email and PDF file should be deleted immediately after the event has finished.

6. Vouchers are only valid for the date and catering outlet(s) shown.

7. Charging will be based on the total number of vouchers transacted through the retail EPOS system. This may be less or more than the initial order.

8. Vouchers can be ordered for one or more of the following Hospitality Services outlets - Onezone, Street Café, Phaz, Cribs B, Cribs Q,  Village Store,  The Hub/The Coffee Pod at Glenside, Bower Ashton Traders and R2 and Atrium Café.

9. Vouchers cannot be ordered for Starbucks.

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