DAIGO-Daughters of Africa

DAIGO - Daughters of Africa

The Daigo Partnership was formed in 2019 bringing together UWE Bristol, KORI Youth Charity and Daughters of Africa Foundation (DOAF) in a dynamic new partnership providing a platform for personal and professional development for UWE Bristol students, and education and skills development for African participants.


KORI Youth Charity has worked with African partners for 15 years in Tanzania, Kenya and The Gambia preparing UK participants to deliver sustainable projects in Africa and enabling them to develop their personal and professional practice.

Founded in The Gambia in 2014, DOAF is a pan-African organisation that grew out of the work KORI Youth Charity started when the founders realised the need for an African base to fully embed projects. DOAF works with a range of partners in The Gambia including The Ministry of Education, SOS Children’s Village, National Centre for Arts and Culture (NCAC), University of The Gambia (UTG), and numerous grassroots charities.

Together with UWE Bristol, these two organisations have formed a cohesive partnership, The Vessel UK Training Programme, which ensures students are trained and ready to start their project in Africa. Through the teams on the ground in Africa, DOAF is able to ensure students are comfortable and safe as well as the smooth running of projects, recruitment and coordination of participants.

The programme

We offer UWE Bristol students from across all faculties the opportunity to undertake a two-week placement with the aim of:

  • enabling multidisciplinary practice and a clear understanding of collaborations across the university
  • facilitating their subject learning and gaining experience and developing at an international level
  • enabling them to connect their subject to enterprise in communities and directly share skills and knowledge with the learning of local young people
  • broadening their knowledge of global realities and fostering international mobility especially for international students.

The programme runs over one semester, allowing for training, planning, preparation and delivery in The Gambia. Selected students will attend 4 non-consecutive days of group training, planning and preparation as well as sessions to support individual project planning. Once in The Gambia they will be supported for two weeks on placement and on their return to the UK they will reflect on their experience and showcase their projects.

We are recruiting 20 UWE Bristol students to start from 6-18 January 2020 and the deadline to apply is 4 November 2019. We will announce future dates for the project in due course.

Daigo Leaders

Mian Ng

UWE Bristol Lead on the Daigo Gambia Project
Associate Head of Department (International and Partnership
School of Art and Design, Film and Journalism

Mian is an academic and a practising artist/designer working across disciplines in the visual and media arts. She has produced work for television, the Arts Council and the Home Office, and has worked with a diverse range of communities in participatory arts projects on issues such as domestic violence, immigration and cultural identities. She is passionate about sharing creative tools, knowledge and skills empowering and giving communities a voice. Mian travels extensively globally and locally, forming sustainable partnerships for the School of Art and Design, Film and Journalism and the University.

Pauline Bailey

Co-founder and Director of the Daughters of Africa Foundation

Pauline is a visual artist with extensive experience in participatory arts projects, community engagement, and the development of emerging artists. She has over 30 years of experience working with diverse age groups across varied settings from schools to prisons and higher education institutions. The core of her practice has involved working both in the UK and abroad with young people and vulnerable adults, delivering many creative projects alongside her role as a curator, mentor and job coach for the creative industries.

Pauline was previously the Lecturer/Curriculum Manager and Assistant Director at South Birmingham College where she was also the project lead on overseas educational visits to The Gambia, Egypt, South Africa and Ghana. She is also Co-Founder and Director of the Birmingham based Black Arts Forum and Handsworth Creative.

Odiri Ighamre

Co-founder and Director of the Daughters of Africa Foundation

For over 27 years Odiri has worked nationally and internationally as an educator in schools, prisons, museums, mental health units and organisations delivering African history through storytelling; training and supervising youth workers, and facilitating the growth of youth and community leadership.

A published author, she has founded and directed three companies; ’Women Tellers’, promoting the art of Storytelling; Evwreni Productions, a training agency for African and Caribbean artists in the UK and KORI Youth Charity that she has led since 2002 developing amongst others, The Vessel UK Training Programme, which has trained over a hundred participants in delivering successful projects across Tanzania, Kenya and The Gambia.

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