Global Centre projects

As a university with a global vision, UWE Bristol takes the lead on a number of innovative international projects. Here you will find some examples, from charity projects helping communities overseas, through to cutting-edge research that can change lives.

Project Zulu

Shortlisted for the Guardian University Awards 2019, Project Zulu is a successful UWE Bristol charity initiative supporting educational development projects in South Africa.

Working together with schools and local government partners, Project Zulu identifies support programmes for education, resourcing and infrastructure, and this includes drawing on student and tutor expertise, fundraising, as well as local knowledge and talent.

A key strand of Project Zulu’s work includes an excellent UK choir tour, which provides local children with a life-changing opportunity to tour the UK.

Find out more about Project Zulu.

UWE Global Water Security Programme

Shortlisted in the Guardian University Awards 2019, the UWE Global Water Security Programme supports global organisations to improve water security worldwide and in 2019, we ran placements in Uganda, India, Peru and Swaziland. The programme enables students across all subject areas to undertake an overseas placement, experience another culture, and make a difference. They will have the opportunity to get involved in a project across one of many areas: water quality, sanitation in schools, food security, governance, hydropower, well rehabilitation, the impact on women, and journalism.

Find out more about global water security.

DAIGO Daughters of Africa

Formed in The Gambia in 2016, Daughters of Africa Foundation (DOAF) supports grassroots development in Africa through the channelling of self-leadership and building sustainable projects for young people and their communities. The Foundation is collaborating with UWE Bristol to provide placements for 20 UWE Bristol students across several faculties and departments. The placements include creating traditional instruments and cultural items, as well as upskilling construction workers through consultation, knowledge exchange and eco-building expertise.

Find out more about DAIGO - Daughters of Africa.

Africa Week

An annual highlight in the UWE Bristol calendar, Africa Week is a fantastic celebration of African culture. Taking place at UWE Bristol and around the city, the weeklong programme of activities includes live performances - drama, poetry and music, showcasing African talent, and the chance to sample some delicious cuisine from all over the continent.  

We also connect with inspiring figures from the African community to discuss the continent’s past and present issues as well as what the future may hold for Africa.

Find out more about Africa Week.

Stepping Up

A Stepping Up Diversity Champion award was presented to UWE Bristol this year for our work with Bristol City Council on this project. Stepping Up is a positive action programme that aims to unlock potential and develop talent while ensuring a fair representation of BAME, disabled people and women in positions of leadership in Bristol and the region.

Stepping Up supports participants with leadership development, mentoring, career management, interview support, networking opportunities and more. This innovative programme has achieved significant outcomes so far by accelerating participants' career development and enhancing civic leadership in the area.

Find out more about Stepping Up.


Developed at UWE Bristol, PEE POWER® technology is a system which uses organic material found in urine as a fuel. The wastewater is channelled through a series of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) to create electricity. The MFCs work by employing live microbes, which feed on urine (the fuel) for their own growth and maintenance. The MFCs tap a portion of the biochemical energy used for microbial growth and converts that directly into electricity or PEE POWER®.

The technology has been successfully used to provide lighting for toilet blocks at schools in Uganda and Kenya, as well as closer to home at Glastonbury Festival. In future, we hope to see the technology used in refugee camps, slums and hospitals.

Find out more about PEE POWER® and watch the PEE POWER® animation.

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