Our commitment to the community

Community Liaison Plan 

As a major presence in the area, we understand the importance of developing and strengthening good relationships with our neighbours. This is why we have drawn up a Community Liaison Plan, which sets out our commitments. It complements the University’s Community and Public Engagement Strategy, and draws on feedback we have received from local residents groups, statutory and voluntary organisations and the The Students’ Union at UWE.

Key aims

The commitments identified in the plan revolve around five key aims:

  1. To build, support and maintain positive community relations.
  2. To encourage and promote responsible students and landlords.
  3. To help, guide and support students to lead responsible, safe and sustainable lives within their communities.
  4. To create and maintain a good working relationship with key partners and residents groups by listening to and responding to prioritised concerns.
  5. To encourage and motivate students to respect their neighbourhood and to get involved in local and wider community issues.

Find out how we are putting our commitments into practice through our community activities and campaigns.

Continuous improvement

The Community Liaison Plan will be monitored and reviewed every three months. Any feedback received and progress made will be reported to the Director of Facilities and the Accommodation Manager. Any changes required will then be implemented by the Community Liaison Manager.

Is there anything we have missed?

If you have student neighbours, is there anything else you would like us to include to help them to integrate into your community? Please let us know by emailing the Community Liaison Team.

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