Community liaison FAQs


Answers to popular questions about living in the community.

The students next door never put their bins away. What can I do?

Contact Bristol City Council Neighbourhood Enforcement on +44 (0)1179 222 100 or email

The students nearby seem to have parties every night. How can I make them understand I need to sleep?

Speak to the students directly if you are able to, and let them know you need a good nights sleep. You could also contact their Landlord and or Letting Agent, or email UWE Bristol Community Liaison.

I’ve spoken to my neighbours about the noise and nothing has changed. What do I do now?

Contact Bristol City Council Neighbourhood Enforcement Team or South Gloucester Environmental as the relevant authorities to legally deal with noise issues. The University does not have any legal powers to deal with noise. Contact details are as follows:

Bristol City Council

South Gloucestershire

How can I get on better with the students who live near me?

Introduce yourselves to your student neighbours. Exchange phone numbers if possible so that you can contact them if necessary and or their landlord or letting agent.

Ask them if they would like to be part of a community group and or a community event.

A welcome evening for new students is a great way of getting to know them. Your local residents’ association may well be running such events. We can help with funding such an event (up to £250). Please complete and return the Community Together fund application form.

How do I make a complaint?

Email UWE Bristol Community Liaison and give full details of your complaint. Your complaint will be dealt with promptly.

What happens when I make a complaint to your helpline?

Your complaint will be looked at by the Community Liaison Manager. The first step is to establish if they are UWE Bristol students or University of Bristol students.

If they are UWE Bristol students, we will follow our University complaints procedure, and you will be kept updated every step of the way.

If they are University of Bristol students, the complaint will need to be addressed by getting in touch with University of Bristol Community Liaison.

Students are parking in my road and it’s often difficult to get out of my drive? Can you help?

If you are prevented from getting out of your driveway due to another vehicle blocking your exit, you should contact the Police by telephoning 101. The Police will be able to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice and get the vehicle removed.

I’d like to get some students involved as volunteers in an event I’m planning. How can I get in touch with them?

Many of our students are keen to get more involved in their local communities. Not only is volunteering an enjoyable experience in its own right, it also helps to enhance their CV’s and their employability by adding new skills and abilities to their portfolios.

Email for further information and advice.

What are the term dates?

See the central term dates page.

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