Your Community Liaison Team

UWE Bristol's Community Liaison Team are your dedicated point of contact for residents, and guidance and advice for community issues relating to UWE Bristol students.

Find out more about us, our commitment to the community, our activities and campaigns, and how we are building relations in the local community.

UWE Bristol's Community Liaison Team

This year we have a new Community team in place, who are now working to change the landscape and develop new approaches to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB).

Our new Community team are:

  • Rich Barnston, Head of Security
  • PC Simon Topps, UWE Bristol Campus Police Officer
  • Sharon Evans, Team Leader
  • Matthew MacLeod, Community Liaison Assistant.

Together, we are your dedicated point of contact. We can assist in dealing with a number of community-related issues including, dealing with noisy neighbours, general anti-social behaviour (ASB) and resolving the conflict. 

Responding to concerns

We take the concerns of our neighbours very seriously. When we receive a complaint or feedback about the impact of our students in a neighbourhood, it is investigated and responded to quickly.

If you are experiencing any issues with any of UWE Bristol’s students living in your community, please email us at with a detailed log of the issues with an outline of the times and dates that you experienced the disturbances. All complaints must be submitted in writing through email, as we are unable to action any complaints without receiving them in writing.

Please provide detailed information about the nature of your complaint and the address that you are making the complaint about – please put this address in your email's subject line.

Please also refer to our list of contacts in the community and see our frequently asked questions page helpful information and advice.

Please note: As students are adults, we are not able to regulate every aspect of their lives. Whilst we are able to advise, remind and reprimand our students, we are not able to issue Noise Abatement Orders, ASBOs, parking tickets or fines for dropping litter or failing to put rubbish out in a timely manner. These must be dealt with by the appropriate authorities.

We are also not able to intervene in matters that relate to students from other universities or colleges.

Vice Chancellor's meetings - Questions and Answers

Questions and answers from the joint Vice Chancellors meeting held on 29 February 2016 at The Orangery, Goldney Hall, University of Bristol.

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