Activities and campaigns

Lots of hands in a circle

At UWE Bristol, we take a hands on approach to putting our community commitments into practice and in building community relations.

Activities to date

A number of activities have already been successfully completed. These include:

Future activities and campaigns

We have prioritised the following activities and campaigns for the next 12 months:

  1. Campaign to encourage lettings agencies, management companies and individual registered landlords to sign up to a Code of Conduct on the management of their properties and tenants.
  2. Create a 'Moving In' box for students moving into private rented accommodation. This will include information regarding tenant responsibilities, landlord responsibilities, the waste calendar, Students' Union calendar, 'Keeping the peace' top ten tips guide, accommodation guide and community contacts.
  3. Student safety campaigns to promote student safety and security of property.
  4. Encourage students to respect their neighbourhood to raise students’ sense of belonging and responsibility for their neighbourhoods.
  5. Continue the 'Have a Safe Night Out' campaign to promote responsible drinking and personal safety to students and local communities.
  6. Promote healthy living amongst students, staff and the wider community.
  7. Involve student volunteers in the campaigns to offer students an opportunity to engage with their local communities as active citizens and raise the profile of the positive contributions students make to society.

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