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NoiseLab: Electronic Music Techniques

Bristol NoiseLab offers you a unique a chance to explore advanced music technology techniques with the best in the field, including modular synthesis and advanced techniques with Ableton Live and Max for Live.

We are offering two integrated areas of study led by outstanding practitioner Dr Zlatko Baracskai:

  1. School of Modular: Experimenting with modular synthesis
  2. School of Controllerism: Exploring advanced programming techniques with Ableton Live and Ableton Max for Live.

How will the sessions work?

Spanning across 20 weeks in two semesters, each three hour session will combine formal presentations with a workshop environment, alternating elements from both Modular and Controllerism week to week to help you learn about advanced music technology.

The first semester focuses on establishing the basics of Modular Synthesis and Controllerism, to lead into the second semester which explores in Modular Synthesis and Controllerism in more detail. The series of sessions in each semester block are designed to follow into each other so we advise attending throughout.

Modular sessions will explore the use of analogue electronics for audio applications. We will focus on techniques rather than specialty modules so you will learn to understand signal flow and analogue computing tools, leading to infinite experimentation possibilities in modular synthesis. You will gain a deep understanding of the signal characteristics that relate to the sound produced, allowing you to predict how convoluted modular patches will sound.

Controllerism sessions will explore the use of computer software for live musical performance. You will be introduced to Ableton Live which is the flagship software in this domain. Advanced programming strategies will be explored in Ableton Max For Live followed by workshops on the use of complex or unorthodox controllers. The course material will inspire you to think beyond standard controlling parameters to start designing more intuitive or indeed challenging musical results. All sessions are delivered using real-time examples and coding demonstrations.

If you have a laptop running Ableton Max For Live bring it along with any controllers you might have in order to gain maximum assistance.

Session dates

Wednesdays starting from Wednesday 10 October 2018, 15.30-18.30, Room 1N95. Frenchay Campus.

Series 1: 8 x sessions: Wednesday 10 October 2018 to Wednesday 28 November 2018
Series 2: 10 x sessions: Wednesday 20 January 2019 to Wednesday 27 March 2019

Cost and registration

Sessions are free to Centre for Music members this academic year. Email cfm@uwe.ac.uk to book your place. If you are not a Centre for Music member and you would like to attend these sessions please complete a membership form first before booking a place.

1N95 is in N block, most easily accessed by heading to the right of the Frenchay Campus bus station, heading up the hill towards the red bars outside N block. There is a small side entrance there that leads directly to 1N95.

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