Student records and assessments

Introduction to the Student Administration Team (SAT)

The central Student Administration Team (SAT) is comprised of six staff teams, including four faculty-facing teams, each of which deals with student records and programme administration, including assessments, for their faculty.  

Areas of responsibility

The faculty SAT teams are responsible for the following areas:

  • Registration
  • Induction
  • Module choice and enrolment
  • Accredited learning (AL/AEL)
  • Changes to the student record (withdrawals and transfers)  
  • Blackboard attachments
  • Coursework submission
  • Coursework return service
  • Assessments
  • Production of exam papers
  • Administration of personal circumstances 
  • Administration of Assessment offences
  • Examining boards
  • Online assessment (Policy and Guidance)

Faculty contacts

For enquiries relating to any of these areas, please contact the relevant team:

Partnerships Team

In addition, there is a Partnerships Team that looks after programmes and students at our UK, International and Federation partner institutions. For enquiries relating to Partnership student and programme administration, please email

Student Information Request Team (SIRT)

The Student Information Request Team (SIRT) deal primarily with alumni, and are responsible for the following areas:

Academic status letters

  • Student status letters and verifications
  • Schengen visa letters

Reference requests

  • Academic verifications
  • Academic references


  • Council Tax certificates
  • HEAR
  • GDP
  • CPD

Information requests

  • Programme and module specifications

For SIRT enquiries please email

For Certificate enquiries please email

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