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Fairtrade facts

Fairtrade delivers many benefits to producers and consumers around the globe, below are some facts and figures.*


Fairtrade producers

  • The Fairtrade system currently works with over 1.65 million farmers and workers.
  • There are 1,411 Fairtrade producer organisations across 73 countries.
  • 23% of all Fairtrade farmers and workers are women.
  • 1.5 hectares is the average size of the plot cultivated by a Fairtrade farmer.
  • Small producer organisations spent 48% of the Fairtrade premium in services for farmers and the provision of agricultural tools and training.
  • On Fairtrade plantations, workers have invested 33% of their Fairtrade premium on housing improvements.

Fairtrade UK sales

  • Fairtrade products are now sold in more than 120 countries across the world with over 4,500 products available for purchase.
  • 93% of the UK public recognise the Fairtrade mark and one in four shoppers now regularly buy several Fairtrade products.
  • In the UK 25% of coffee sales are Fairtrade – that figure is 98% at UWE Bristol.
  • Over £23 million worth of Fairtrade premium was generated in sales in the UK.

Fairtrade campaigners in the UK and Bristol

  • Fairtrade is a growing campaign movement with over 600 Fairtrade towns, over 1,000 Fairtrade schools and 170 Fairtrade universities, and more than 7,500 Fairtrade faith groups.
  • Bristol is a Fairtrade city and is lucky enough to have its very own Fairtrade organisation Bristol Fairtrade, which organises a range of events and activities including the annual South West Fairtrade Business Awards, at which UWE Bristol and The Students' Union at UWE are regular participants.

*source - The Fairtrade Foundation.

Contact the Sustainability Team or The Students' Union at UWE Green Team if you have any queries.

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