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Carbon, energy and water - student FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and tips to help you save energy.

In university

Can I open the windows in seminar rooms?

  • Yes, but please make sure you turn the radiators right down first. Likewise, if you are in a room with air conditioning, turn this off before opening any windows.

What can I do to contribute when I am in uni?

  • Remember to switch-off the lights if you are the last person leaving a room.
  • If you use specialist equipment, check if it can be switched off when you’ve finished.
  • Always log off computers, and put into sleep mode in PC labs.

In UWE Bristol accommodation

What can I do to contribute when I live in student accommodation?

  • Turn radiators off before opening windows.
  • Save energy and time by only filling the kettle with the water you actually need.
  • Using lids on pans saves cooking time and energy.
  • Take turns cooking with friends – this saves cooking lots of small amounts, saves time, and it’s more sociable. Alternatively, cook up large batches for yourself and freeze portions for later in the week.
  • Does your sofa like watching TV alone? Probably not – switch it off if you’re leaving the room empty (likewise lights, computers, speakers etc)

The above tips will save energy and also help you save money.

My room is always so hot – what can I do about it?

  • Plan ahead by turning down your radiator, and leaving your blinds down/curtains drawn to prevent solar heat gain.

How we can all help

If you see energy or water being wasted, let us know by contacting the 222 Helpdesk or email the Energy Team at energyteam@uwe.ac.uk.


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