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Biodiversity and ecology

UWE Bristol campuses cover an area of 150 hectares, ie 1.5 square kilometres, with large areas of Glenside campus and Bower Ashton designated a conservation area. Working with the natural environment to maximise biodiversity, our grounds team use sustainable gardening techniques to create beautiful spaces for students and staff to use for leisure, for study and for practical experience

What are UWE Bristol doing to support biodiversity?

We are developing diverse ecosystems through:

  • meadowscaping areas of grass at Frenchay Campus and Glenside Campus - mown only two or three times a year - these areas will not only benefit wildlife but bring nature closer to people
  • increasing artificial habitats for bats, birds, butterflies, and ladybirds by providing appropriate planting, boxes and feeding stations
  • improving biodiversity and edible planting at Glenside Campus; including a small orchard, clear water pond, native bulb planting, herb planting, and wildlife habitats
  • conducting a review of all ponds at Frenchay Campus with a view to improving their biodiversity
  • continuing evolution of the community garden, including working with the Students' Union Green Team and Wellbeing Services; improvement of disabled access and introduction of raised beds for wheelchair users
  • developing on-site plant nursery to include production of more edible plants, such as kale, lettuces, tomatoes and chard
  • upgrading campus maps to include the highlighting of edible herbs and fruit trees on site both in the Bee line map and UWE Bristol Green Treasure map.
  • increasing plant labels and information points to promote biodiversity of the grounds
  • processing over 90% of our green waste on site into compost for reuse onto the grounds.
  • using 100% peat free compost and growing mediums
  • our electric revolution: over 90% of our grounds maintenance tools are electric powered, including lawnmowers and buggies resulting in less noise and air pollution.

What you can do - enjoy, study, garden

  • Join our weekly Thursday lunch-time walks at Frenchay Campus - meet at 12:30 outside X block atrium.
  • Come on a Bee walk and talk; visit our hives and learn about their world.
  • Take a walk around Frenchay campus taking in a range of sustainability features using our Green Treasures map or our UWE Bee line map.
  • Get practical experience of sustainable gardening techniques at our community garden sessions at Frenchay Campus. Individual and group plots available. 
  • Learn about the trees at Glenside Campus during a lunch-time stroll.
  • Get involved with wildlife surveys and our Landscape Management plans and site tours.

For all events email the Sustainability Team at sustainability@uwe.ac.uk to be put on mailing list. If your student or staff group would like a walk or talk specifically for you, we are happy to do this.

Biodiversity Management Plan 2014-2020

We have developed our 2020 Biodiversity Management Plan with input from UWE Bristol academics, local wildlife trusts, local councils, residential and business neighbours and local schools. For a copy email our Grounds Manager, Richie Fluester at Richie.Fluester@uwe.ac.uk.

Student support and projects

We are keen for students to learn from our management of the grounds. We can support you by providing campus tours, information and interviews. Email Richie.Fluester@uwe.ac.uk  for support.

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