UWE Bristol sustainability films

Take a look at our films on work on Sustainability at the University and The Student Union at UWE. 

  • Signing the Sustainability Plan - the Vice-Chancellor, the Chair of the Board of Governors and the President of The Students' Union committing to creating a more sustainable university.
  • Sustainability Plan - Watch sustainability staff at UWE Bristol discuss their work and role in delivering the University’s sustainability ambitions.

Find out how you can get involved in the Green team at The Students' Union at UWE.

More films about our sustainability work

The Students' Union at UWE Green team saving plastic through reusables.

Films made by UWE Bristol film students Nathan Powles, Chris Pugh and Bradley Roberts on:

And by UWE Bristol film students Luminata-Alexandra Stanil, Guillermo Pinto and Alysha Takoushian on:

Bees and the Green Team at UWE Bristol Frenchay Campus

Out and about at Glenside Campus by student film maker Aleksandra Nibisz: Glenside Campus and Glenside Alfresco.

Green Gown Awards EAUC videos

2018 - Finalists in four categories, outright winner in two - including in the Student engagement category - The Students' Union at UWE Bristol 'Bring your own Bowl'.

2017 - Finalists in nine categories; Highly commended in two of these categories.

Research and Development - UWE Bristol - International Water Security Network. Text description available at the Sustainablity Exchange.

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