Vice-Chancellor's Office

The Vice-Chancellor’s Office brings together Governance, Business Resilience and high-level administrative, policy, and strategic support services for members of the Directorate, the Board of Governors and Academic Board. This includes strategy development, risk management, business continuity planning, major incident response, records management, data protection and freedom of information.

Chief of Staff and Clerk to the Board of Governors/Head of Policy and Strategy – Dr Jodie Anstee.

Business Resilience

Head of Business Resilience – Mark Webster

Responsible for developing and maintaining the University’s risk management framework, business continuity planning and major incident response. Providing support for Faculties and Professional Services to identify, assess and manage risk and the limit disruption in the event of an incident.

Executive Support

Manager of Executive Support – Holly Davies

Members of the Directorate supported through the Vice-Chancellor’s Office:

  • Vice-Chancellor, President and CEO – Professor Steven West
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost – Professor Amanda Coffey (to take up appointment April 2020)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor: Student Experience – Jo Midgley
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor: Research and Business Engagement and Director of RBI – Professor Martin Boddy

Governance and Policy

  • Head of Governance and Policy/Deputy Clerk to the Board of Governors – Chris Gledhill
  • Governance, Policy and Freedom of Information Officer – Joanna Wallis
  • Governance Officer – Helene Scott 

Responsible for the maintenance and development of the University’s Governance Framework. This includes the Board of Governors and Academic Board, and ensuring regulatory and legislative requirements placed upon the University’s Governance structure are fulfilled.

Responsible for records management, data protection and freedom of information.

Strategic plan

UWE Bristol Strategy 2030

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