Committees and groups

The Board of Governors delegates responsibility to a number of sub-committees and groups.

Audit Committee


The Audit Committee is responsible to the Board of Governors for the strategy and scope of audit activity. It receives reports from internal and external auditors and takes non-executive action where required. The Committee also monitors and examines the University risk management control processes and the arrangements for promotion of economy, efficiency and effectiveness on behalf of the Board.

Officer: Clerk to the Governors or nominee

Audit Committee terms of reference

Finance, Estates and IT Committee


The Finance, Estates and IT Committee is responsible to the Board of Governors for the determination of finance, estates, IT and related strategies and policies; and the non-executive oversight and monitoring of the strategic management of the University’s finances and physical resources to support the strategic and academic plans.

Officer: Clerk to Board of Governors or nominee

Finance, Estates and IT Committee terms of reference

Emergency Committee


The Emergency Committee has delegated powers, on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor and between meetings of the Board of Governors or its committees, to consider any business not explicitly reserved by the Articles of Government for Board of Governors consideration.

The limits on the Emergency Committee’s delegated authority to vary budgets or authorise expenditure are determined by the Board of Governors from time to time and are as set out in the Internal Financial Memorandum of the University.

These powers are to be exercised between meetings of the Board of Governors or its committees only where the Committee is satisfied that the matter is urgent and to delay a decision until the next meeting would be contrary to the best interests of the University, and subject always to report at the next Board of Governors or appropriate committee meeting.

Emergency Committee terms of reference

Strategic Planning and Performance Committee


To advise the Board on the development and content of the University's Strategic Plan and to monitor the institutions performance against agreed strategies of the University and on the effectiveness of their implementation.

Secretary: Deputy Clerk to Governors

Strategic Planning and Performance Committee terms of reference

Nominations and Governance Committee


The Nominations and Governance Committee is responsible to the Board of Governors for the oversight of corporate governance arrangements to ensure that the University is pursuing best practice. It is responsible for identifying and recommending the appointment of new Governors to the Board and for the nomination of Governors and co-opted members for appointment to Committees.

Officer: Clerk to the Governors of Nominee

Nominations and Governance Committee terms of reference

Remuneration Committee


The Remuneration Committee is responsible to the Board of Governors for setting a framework for the pay and conditions of all staff and the appointment, assignment, grading, appraisal, suspension, dismissal and determination of the pay and conditions of service of holders of senior posts. The Remuneration Committee also has oversight of developments regarding the Vice-Chancellor’s senior team, the Vice-Chancellor’s direct line reports and the Pro Vice-Chancellors.

Officer: Clerk to the Governors or Nominee

Ethics Forum


The Board of Governors Ethics Forum ('the Forum') is a representative sample of the University’s stakeholders, from which Ethics Panels ('Panel') of three or four individuals will be drawn to advise the Vice-Chancellor and the Board of Governors on ethical matters that cannot be resolved within existing policies.

Officer: The Clerk to Governors or nominee

Ethics Forum terms of reference

Student/Governor Forum


The purpose of the Forum is to provide an opportunity for student representatives, Governors and members of the Executive to debate key strategic themes facing UWE Bristol and national initiatives that will impact on the student body. The issues discussed will be at a relatively early stage of development so that the debate can inform the University’s policy and approach.

Officer: Clerk to the Governors or nominee

Student/Governor Forum terms of reference

Chairs' meetings


Chairs’ meetings are not formal meetings of the Board of Governors but are held at the start of each term so that Committee Chairs can review the plan of business and coordinate roles where items fall within the remit of more than one committee, eg approval of the University’s Financial statements are discussed in the Audit Committee and Finance Estates and IT Committee as well as the Board of Governors.

They also ensure that Committee Chairs are appropriately briefed on emerging University or Sector priorities which may arise in forthcoming meetings.

Officer: Clerk to the Governors or nominee

Chairs' meetings terms of reference

Strategic plan

UWE Bristol Strategy 2030

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