Academic Board members and composition

The Academic Board is made up of a mix of Executive and non-Executive staff drawn from across the institution.


Executive members

  • Vice-Chancellor,  President and Chief Executive Officer (Chair)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost (Vice-Chair)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Student Experience
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Business Engagement
  • Pro Vice-Chancellors and Executive Deans (4)
  • Vice-Principal (Higher Education) of Hartpury College
  • Representative Heads of Departments (4)
  • Faculty Board Vice-Chairs (4)
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Nominees (2) 

Non-Executive members

  • Representative Professor elected from each Faculty (4)
  • Elected representative Learning and Teaching Fellows (4)
  • One representative elected from each Faculty Board (4)
  • Representative elected from Associate Faculty Board (1)
  • Elected member of the Professional Services (1)
  • President of UWE Bristol Students’ Union
  • Vice-President Education of UWE Bristol Students’ Union
  • Elected Student Representatives (normally 2 UG, 1 PGT and 1 PGR) (4) 

The following staff will also be in attendance:

  • Director of Academic Services
  • Director of Learning and Teaching
  • Director of Strategic Planning and Marketing 
  • Director of Student and Academic Services
  • Director of Library Services
  • CIO and Director of IT
  • Head of Learning and Teaching Enhancement and Deputy Head of Academic Services 
  • Head of Governance (Clerk)

Any member of staff may attend the Academic Board, and, at the invite of the Chair, may contribute to the discussions.

Minimum number of people that must be present to constitute a valid meeting (Quorum): One third of members eligible to attend.

Frequency of meetings: five per year

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