Group of Occupational Therapy students

UWE Bristol Strategy 2030: Transforming Futures

UWE Bristol is a future-focused university, with students at the heart of everything we do.

Our priority for the next ten years is to deliver an outstanding university experience for our students through innovative, practice-led, research-informed courses.

As we shape our future to 2030 our focus will be on:

Our Purpose

Solving future challenges through outstanding learning, research and a culture of enterprise.

Our People

Creating opportunities to thrive and flourish.

Our Place

Creating an inspiring local and global gateway to the future.

"Looking forward to 2030, UWE Bristol will be a market disrupter, leading future trends and approaches to solve future challenges, create opportunities and shape our communities across the region and beyond.”

Professor Steve West, Vice-Chancellor, President and CEO UWE Bristol

Strategy 2030 document

Download the UWE Bristol Strategy 2030: Transforming Futures (PDF)

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