Glenside Hospital Museum

Glenside Hospital Museum

The site, which currently houses students on Health and Social Care courses, has medical roots dating back to 1857.

The hospital was approved as an asylum in 1857. During World War I it was re-named Beaufort Military Hospital and later known as Glenside Psychiatric Hospital. British artist Stanley Spencer worked as a medical orderly at the Beaufort Hospital from 1915-16 where he looked after injured soldiers from the Western Front.

The site of the former chapel now houses Glenside Hospital Museum. The museum, founded by Dr Donal F. Early, used to be situated in the balcony of the canteen, but has since re-located to the Glenside Chapel - a Grade 2-listed building.

The museum is full of an interesting and growing collection of a wide range of artefacts and images from its past life, including objects from the former Stoke Park Hospital and the Burden Neurological Institute.

Opening times

The museum charges no entrance fee, but depends on donations from the public. Opening times are currently every Wednesday and Saturday between 10:00-12:30.

For group visits of more than five people outside of normal opening hours, please visit the Glenside Hospital Museum website and use the contact form.

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