Objectives of the Single Equality Scheme

The equality objectives set out within the Single Equality Scheme will enable us to achieve our aims.



Learning for all

  • Reduce the number of students leaving UWE Bristol after three months.
  • Narrow and ultimately eliminate the discrepancy in attainment between international and home students.
  • Ensure teaching, learning and assessment take account of the needs of all students.
  • Ensure staff receive training about their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 and have access to learning and development opportunities.
  • Reduce discrepancies in take up of graduate entry employment or further study for different groups of students.

Positive experience for all

  • Increase satisfaction rates so all staff and students have an equitable experience.
  • Ensure all staff and students are free from bullying and harassment and everyone is treated with respect.
  • Address pay inequality issues.

Planning for all

  • Provide consistent data for staff and students in line with Equality Act 2010 requirements.
  • Adopt and achieve equality and diversity key performance indicators.

Voice for all

  • Ensure consultation mechanisms are in operation to improve academic and personal experience for students and staff.
  • Ensure UWE Bristol’s partnership work includes those from different equality communities.

Support for all

  • Ensure all students are aware of the support services available to them.
  • Ensure all students receive appropriate support.
  • Support the wellbeing of disabled staff.
  • Provide mentors for all staff and students.

Access for all

  • Provide information about access provision on UWE Bristol campuses.
  • Increase the percentage of students recruited in receipt of Disability Student Allowance.
  • Increase the number of BME and disabled staff employed at all levels and the number of women and BME staff employed at senior levels.
  • Ensure accessibility of meetings/events.
  • Address gender imbalance in research undertaken.
  • Provide facility for students affected by pregnancy, maternity or with caring responsibilities to access any aspects of the student experience.

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