Levels and validity of Athena SWAN awards

Athena SWAN presents awards to universities and to university departments. The University award must be in place before departments can apply.

Award levels

There are three levels of Athena SWAN Award.

Bronze – the ‘planning’ stage

  • Obtain and analyse data on staff employment and support
  • Recognise issues and plan to mitigate issues
  • Commit to culture change

Silver – the ‘doing’ stage

  • Understand issues
  • Demonstrate that actions are in place in response to previously identified challenges
  • Demonstrate impact of actions

Gold – the ‘sustaining and embedding’ stage

  • Demonstrate substantial and well-established activity and achievement
  • Demonstrate initiative in increasing the number of women students
  • Demonstrate beacon activities in gender equality to the wider community

Award validation

Athena SWAN awards are valid for four years. Universities and departments can apply for a renewal of existing awards or aim for a higher award at any point during these four years.

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