Brexit information for researchers on EU research funding

As the deadline for leaving the EU draws closer, we are getting greater clarification on what this means for both the current grants we have with the EU Government, and for UK-based academics who wish to apply for Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ funding in the future.

The UK Research Office (UKRO), which provides us with much of our EU funding advice, has produced a useful factsheet that summarises the various EU and UK statements.

UWE Bristol's recent EU track record

UWE Bristol takes a portfolio approach to its research income, successfully winning bids from a broad range of funders. This means we are at less risk than other research organisations in maintaining the same level of Research and Knowledge Exchange income. UWE Bristol is particularly well-placed to take advantage of new UK funding opportunities such as the Industrial Strategy and the Global Challenges Research Fund.

Since the referendum, UWE Bristol academics have continued to win EU research grants, such as Andy Ridgeway's collaborative Horizon 2020 project "Taking stock and reinventing the role of sci com" or Professor Carinna Parramen's "Appearance Printing – European Advanced Research School". We continue to demonstrate our commitment to collaboration, both in Europe and internationally, through both new and well-established connections.

Currently funded Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ projects

For all currently funded Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+: Key Action 2 projects, the UK Government has committed to underwrite UK participation in all successful UK grant applications (submitted before the exit date) for the lifetime of the projects.

RBI have registered all Horizon2020 and Erasmus+ projects currently in receipt of European funding with the UK Government. If you would like to check that your project has been registered please email Philippa Shelton at, stating your PASS reference and project end date.

Proposals currently 'in the system' or any future applications

In essence, the spirit of co-operation will remain, and as has always been emphasised throughout this process, the UK research community will be able to apply for and participate in both these schemes, and will receive funding (either from the EU or the UK) for the life of these two programmes.

As per above, the UK Government has agreed to underwrite any proposals which have been submitted but are notified of success after the UK's exit from the EU.

Should the UK leave without a deal, for anyone wishing to bid to Horizon2020 after this point the Government has also announced a Post-EU Exit Guarantee Extension to cover UK participants' funding in all calls open to 'third country' participants from the date of exit and for the entire current EU budget period until the end of 2020.

Should the UK leave without a deal the UK will become a 'Third Country' and therefore be eligible to any of these calls. For those wishing to bid for research and knowledge exchange part of Erasmus+ funding, the current allocation round ends in 2019, and we are still waiting on clarification as to the Government's position on these calls.

Please do continue to apply for and participate in European funding schemes, if you have any further questions about European funding opportunities, please contact Philippa Shelton at email:

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