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Courses by subject

Female student writing

Arts and cultural industries

Exciting and distinctive courses connected to the rich cultural hotbed of Bristol.

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Computer science and creative technologies

Courses that allow you to push boundaries and be at the forefront of innovative pioneering new technologies.

students discussing around a table

Business, MBA, management and marketing

Courses with close links to business within Bristol's thriving commercial and entrepreneurial hub.

student holding a silk screen print board

Art and design

Courses that stimulate your creativity enabling you to become an aspirational creative professional.

student barrister in the mock court room

Law and legal practice

With over 40 years of high quality legal education experience, courses that have established links into the Bristol legal network.

xray image of a leg

Allied health professions

With our state-of-the-art facilities accredited courses that develop practitioners ready to meet the diverse demands of their professions.

artist graffiting a wall

Health and social sciences

Courses that give you the skills to start making a difference as soon as you graduate.

robot with whiskers

Engineering design and mathematics

Courses that address challenges of the 21st century around engineering, mathematics and design.

children looking at ipads in a classroom

Education and teaching

Courses that encourage you to explore different approaches and styles and think innovatively about how to teach.

students throwing football to one another

Sports, animal and land

Based on a 360 hectare estate, Hartpury college has state-of-the-art facilities perfect for those wishing to study sports, animal and land.

dna strand

Biological, biomedical and analytical sciences

Courses to equip the next generation of scientists with skills to solve future challenges in human health and well-being, food security and the environment.

waterway through futuristic building

Architecture and the built environment

With our unique consortia partnerships, flexible courses that allow you to feel inspired about architecture and the built environment.

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Film and journalism

Courses that give you the skills needed to succeed in a highly competitive media-focused world.

aerial view of a village amongst countryside

Geography and environmental management

Real world experience, innovative teaching and research in environmental management, flood risk and sustainability feed into the courses.

financial chart

Accounting, economics and finance

Courses with established partnerships within Bristol's business hub give you practical skills to make a difference in the real world.

nursing students role playing with a dummy baby

Nursing and midwifery

Inspiring courses with well established links to NHS trusts, mental health trusts and other organisations.

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