VC updates 2011


  • VC Update - Issue 46
    Update on the VC Q&A sessions, Library Services funding success and public engagement. 
    posted 15.12.11
  • VC Update - Issue 45
    Update on employability and regional growth activities, and announcement of consultations on our Single Equality Scheme and internal communications. 
    posted 11.11.11
  • VC Update - Issue 44
    VC Q&A sessions and changes to academic regulations and procedures. 
    posted 12.10.11
  • VC Update - Issue 43
    Update on the National Student Survey, UWE Welcome 2011, Creative Economy Hub and VC Open Sessions.
    posted 06.09.11
  • VC Update - Issue 42
    Update on the Government White Paper, Higher Education: Students at the Heart of the System.
    posted 13.07.11
  • VC Update - Issue 41
    Announcement of UWE stadium plans, student employability statistics and praise for student degree shows.
    posted 09.06.11
  • VC Update - Issue 40
    Information for staff on 'One University Administration', our proposed graduate contribution level, and announcement of UWE's new Chancellor.   
    posted 16.05.11
  • VC Update - Issue 39
    Information for staff on 'One University Administration'.  
    posted 12.04.11
  • VC Update - Issue 38
    Information for staff on 'One University Administration', industrial relations and the Malaysia Convocation ceremony.  
    posted 05.04.11
  • VC Update - Issue 37
    Information for staff on the UCU strike action.  
    posted 21.03.11
  • VC Update - Issue 36
    Information for staff on 'One University Administration', this year’s bettertogether awards and planned improvements to our IT infrastructure.
    posted 28.02.11
  • VC Update - Issue 35
    Updates on discussions with UCU, the launch of iNets South West, latest transport improvements and the UWE online diary.
    posted 16.02.11
  • VC Update - Issue 34
    Information for staff on the UCU dispute and call for industrial action by academic staff.
    posted 09.02.11
  • VC Update - Issue 33
    The year ahead - better together
    posted 19.01.11

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