About UWE BoxED

What is BoxED?

UWE BoxED is a school focused outreach programme of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) related activities. The overall aim of the programme is to keep more young people interested in STEM and improve the numbers of students from our region going into further and higher education.

The activities are designed for Years 7-13 (ages 11-18). This is a key age range when young people are making decisions to stick with (or move away from) STEM subjects.

The delivery of the programme is on the school site, but the activity is led by UWE Bristol students. This provides a personal connection to the idea of going to university. It offers the school students role models who can demonstrate to them that it is cool to be excited about learning.

The sessions have been developed in the Faculty of Environment and Technology and Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences at UWE Bristol in conjunction with our Department of Education and Childhood. We have considered how each activity links to the National Curriculum and learning objectives for students at Key Stages 3-5.

For 2015/16, BoxED was funded through the Western Outreach Network (WON). If you would like to find out more about the WON, please email won@bath.ac.uk

How does it work?

Each 'Box' offers a 50-120 minute activity that can be delivered in schools by UWE Bristol students. The students are trained to work with schools and are studying subjects related to the box content they deliver. The content varies widely depending on the subject, but all involve student participation in activities to get hands-on in STEM.

The activities are linked to UWE Bristol research themes and specialisms. Some of them require specialist equipment or content knowledge which UWE Bristol provides in the 'Box'. Others can be done using school equipment, and where possible we can share the resource guides with teachers to enable them to run the activities themselves.

For further information about the programme email boxed@uwe.ac.uk.

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