School pupils taking part in a science experiment.


UWE BoxED is a funded, school focused outreach programme designed to increase student interest in particular subjects.

Each 'Box' offers an activity that can be delivered in schools by fully trained Student Facilitators. The content varies widely depending on the subject, but all involve student participation tied to schools' curricula.

BoxED 2017/18

Due to positive feedback, our academics are currently expanding our BoxED programme to include new opportunities for key stage 3 to 5.

Our new programmes will be available from autumn 2017 and will be designed to have clear learning outcomes aligned with schools’ curricula. Subject areas will include:

  • English
  • Business
  • Human Rights
  • Geology
  • STEM subjects

There is no cost to the school other than the use of your facilities to deliver to your pupils and sessions will be delivered by fully trained Student Facilitators.

Full details of our launch event will be available shortly along with how your school can get involved.

For more information, or to request BoxED activities in your school, please email our BoxED team:

Previous activities

In 2016/17 our BoxED activities offered a range of interactive and fun activities for schools to help raise awareness and inspire students to study STEM subjects.

Previous boxes included:

  • Rock Box - A 50-60 minute hands-on geology activity, designed to refresh pupils' knowledge of rock types and take their learning further.
  • Street Art Maths - A 50-60 session which taught pupils about the relationship between street art and maths.
  • Forensics - A 45-60 minute career-themed activity where students participated in blood pattern analysis, fingerprint detection and identifying trace samples to understand how science solves crime. 

Contact our Boxed team

For more information, please email our BoxED team:

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