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Postgraduate study options

UWE Bristol has a thriving community of postgraduate students and offers both taught and research programmes in a wide range of disciplines. Courses vary in length depending on the qualification and the mode of study. Some build on previous study while others are open to graduates of any discipline.

Taught Master's degrees

A full-time taught Master's degree usually involves a nine-month taught element and a three-month research project, so is likely to take 12 months to complete full-time.

Part-time options are available on many courses, and length of study depends on the course delivery. It is quite common for the part-time route to take three years.

The award may be an MA (Master of Arts), MSc (Master of Science), or MBA (Master of Business Administration).

It may involve a detailed study of a particular aspect of your academic discipline, be vocational and accredited by a professional body, or be a conversion course developing your knowledge and skills in a new subject.

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Conversion courses

UWE Bristol offers a range of postgraduate courses that can give your career a new direction, regardless of the subject that you studied in your first degree.

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Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas

These often represent the initial stages of a taught Master's degree. Certificates require 60 credits and a Diploma requires 120 credits.

They normally take 9 - 12 months to complete full-time. Part-time options are available on many courses, and length of study depends on the course delivery.

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Professional and short courses

Our professional and short courses enables you to develop new skills or enhance and update existing skills without committing yourself to long-term study. Some courses are aimed at the absolute beginner, while other courses are designed to further develop existing skills.

Professional and short courses are delivered in a range of formats including evening classes, day release, part-time and full-time.

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Professional Development Awards

Professional Development Awards (PDA) is a bespoke programme which offers you the opportunity to build your own degree using previous qualifications and experience, as well as new learning.

With a focus on work-based learning, the flexible structure allows you to tailor your course to your current work role and future career aspirations.

Postgraduate research study

The PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) and MPhil (Master of Philosophy) are research degrees with little or no taught element. They take a minimum of two or three years to complete, and often longer.

The PhD is a higher academic qualification than an MPhil, but you don't need to take an MPhil first before going onto a PhD.

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