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Pre-sessional students

If you study a Pre-sessional English course at UWE before your main programme of study you will be required to make two visa applications within a very short period of time:  

  • The first visa application you will make will be made outside of the UK for your Pre-sessional English course only.
  • The second visa application will be made immediately after you successfully complete your Pre-sessional course at UWE.

Please note: You can not start your main award with the visa issued to you for your Pre-sessional English course. You will need to apply to extend your visa before you can start your new course.

Please ensure that you understand the visa requirements of your second visa application before the end of your pre-sessional course, as some of the requirements are time sensitive.

Upon successful completion of your pre-sessional study you will be allocated a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) for you to use with your second visa application. You will be able to access this CAS from your UWE Welcome website. You must frequently check your welcome website throughout your Pre-sessional English course for important messages regarding your CAS.

Applying for a new visa

You do not need to wait to be issued a CAS for your main award before you start to prepare your documents for your second visa application.

To apply for your second visa please see our advice on applying for a Tier 4 (General) student visa inside the UK.

For all immigration enquiries regarding your visa application please contact the UWE Immigration Advisers.

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