Student working on an electrical project in a lab

Facilities in Engineering

Study and develop professional engineering skills using our outstanding facilities.

  • Create and test structures or concepts in our manufacturing workshops, wind tunnels and robotics laboratories.
  • Experience virtual flight and test your engineering models in a sophisticated flight simulator.
  • Develop prototypes using robotic assembly cells, power distribution systems and motor drives, as well as subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels.
  • Make circuit boards, leads and connectors in fabrication facilities with electronic test equipment, monitors and scopes.
  • Study control systems and telecommunications in specialist labs.
  • Test designs on our state-of-the-art driving simulator that utilises a Formula 1 monocoque and a wrap-around screen. This can be programmed to test concepts on any car type and test-drive these on a range of terrains.
  • Test fuelling and ignition systems on our dedicated motorcycle rolling road.
  • Study in large well-equipped computing laboratories, computer rooms and computer-aided design (CAD) suites.

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