Student group working together

PAL student views

What students had to say about their experience of the Peer Assisted Learning scheme at UWE Bristol.

"I felt compelled to write you an email saying thank you for all the support you provided for this module. I also wanted to thank Anna and Donna, my PAL tutors, for making the lessons so fun and useful. In one of our PAL sessions, we acted out the events at the synapse, and it was so helpful for the exam. I could visualise all my course mates pretending to be calcium etc, it was great! This was such a creative way to learn and I'm very grateful to you for giving us this opportunity.'

Sarah, Foundations of Health, Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences

"I think the PAL sessions are very helpful. They give us a chance to reflect on the learning we have done, and ascertain the knowledge, depth and detail we should know about the subject. It is great to have an opportunity to practice and revisit things in our group environment. The PAL Leaders are great, and prepare well for the sessions” 
Anonymous, Bristol Business School

"I think the PAL sessions are a great idea. They provide a chance for people to consolidate their knowledge and to ask questions they have. Not just questions about the work, but other aspects of the course e.g. placements. I think the informal feel allows people to be more relaxed and so more comfortable contributing to the session”. 
Anonymous, Faculty of Engineering and Technology

"Great feedback from 2nd years on work that we have done and info on what we're going to do in the future.'
Nicola Yau, Digital Design Skills, Faculty of Environment and Technology

"I attended PAL and found it very useful. The PAL Leaders were inspirational and great to hear how they coped in their first year. We asked them heaps of questions, so have a pretty good picture of what is expected from both theory and placement. Good practical tips too!'
Anonymous, Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences

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