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Information for PAL Coordinators

Information for UWE Bristol staff about the Academic/Service/Technical Coordinator role for PAL.

What will be expected of me as a PAL Coordinator?

As PAL Academic/Service/Technical Coordinator, you will work in unison with the PAL Office to recruit and support PAL Leaders throughout the year.

In your role you will be expected to:

  • support the recruitment campaign for your own programme/module or service area
  • attend meetings with the PAL team to support them with the PAL leader selection process
  • provide timetabling support for the PAL office and assist with creating rotas for PAL Leader sessions/shifts
  • run an expectations workshop before the start of term
  • arrange and run monthly debrief meetings with your PAL Leaders, to develop their skills and monitor the progress of your PAL scheme - please also invite the PAL team
  • involve your PAL Leader(s) during induction week(s) to familiarise new students with the service
  • assist with obtaining feedback and report on the success of your own scheme.

What's in it for your?

  • PAL minimises the number of 'minor' requests from students to academics (they are dealt with by PAL Leaders)
  • helps students to keep up with course material and become better prepared for classes
  • trains students in the basics of group work
  • creates more independent learners
  • leaders give regular feedback on how course content is being received by students and how students are finding technical or service areas
  • fosters communication between year groups. 

What's in it for your course?

  • helps improve student retention, grades and performance for those who attend regularly
  • PAL can be targeted at programmes/modules which are seen as difficult or high risk and/or have high dropout or failure rates
  • increases student support, involvement and ownership of learning
  • supplies the course with altruistic and committed students who can help promote the course and meet with internal or external reviewers.

What do PAL Leaders cover in their sessions?

For an idea of what PAL Leaders cover in their sessions, please view these sample PAL Leaders’ session plans.

How do you include PAL on your course?

If you are interested in embedding Peer Assisted Learning in your module or programme, please email pal@uwe.ac.uk.

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