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PAL Leader views

What our Leaders have to say about their experiences of PAL.

"I have become more outgoing and expressive as a person through PAL as it provided me with a platform to survive and then succeed. Working for PAL in the Library, I picked up additional knowledge on topics such as referencing and para-phrasing. It has also helped me learn how to use various means available to solve a problem."

Yaseen Shaikh, Academic Success PAL Leader

"The most enjoyable part of this experience was being able to pass on my skills and experience to others. Because people have helped and continue to help me along my journey, I enjoy the opportunity of being able to help others within their situations."
Jack Gibson, PAL Leader – Careers

"I have found PAL very helpful in boosting my confidence, and I liked the interaction with the students and the good feeling after a successful session that had clearly helped the students."
Marketa Molnarova, PAL Leader – Law

"PAL is about being on the same level, making students feel more comfortable and less afraid to ask questions. We have a different perspective.'
Sarah Lane, PAL Leader – Bristol Business School

"I did find the PAL training very valuable and have realised that PAL is not as scary as I anticipated it would be! I really enjoyed facilitating the students that did come to the group and could see the benefit of second years being involved in the first years' studies – they had lots of questions to ask!"
Kathryn Payne, PAL Leader – Health and Life Sciences

"I applied to be a PAL at Bower as it is an excellent way to test and extend my own technical knowledge, whilst at the same time helping others develop new skills and gain confidence in their abilities."
Emily Ketteringham, PAL Leader – Technical

"I have been offered and accepted a placement with the Government Economic Service based in the economic analysis department at the Home Office. They asked me about PAL in both of my interviews and seemed impressed by what it involves."
Paul Stewart, PAL Leader – Bristol Business School

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