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Access to your Wellbeing records - student guide

In keeping with the Data Protection Act 1998, you have the right to see all records that are kept about you.

If you wish to see your records, you can either make an informal request by asking your Counsellor/Senior Wellbeing Practitioner/Specialist Mentor or contact us directly. View the Wellbeing privacy statement.

Alternatively, you can make a formal request under the Data Protection Act by contacting the UWE Bristol Data Protection Compliance Officer See below for more information.

Informal requests

Informal requests are passed to the Head of Service (or the Deputy Head of Service in their absence) who will collate your records. We will then invite you to meet with your counsellor/mental health practitioner/senior mentor.

The discussion is to enable you to:

  1. Consider the benefits or otherwise of reading your records.
  2. Reflect on the best time to read the record (eg now or in a few weeks).
  3. Consider any potential impact this may have upon you and what support you may need afterwards.
  4. Discuss any information received from a third party.
  5. Consider with you any exceptional circumstances in which we are unable to agree your informal request, and make clear why this is so (although this is very rare).

Following this, you are able to read your notes within the meeting, or we can arrange for you to have a copy of your records to read at a later date. If you do take your notes we will require you to sign a receipt.

Formal requests

For your Wellbeing record

Whilst we believe the above informal process is the most appropriate way for you to see any information we hold about you, under the DPA (1998), you also have a formal means to gain access to all your University records.

To make a formal request to see your records:

  1. You need to contact the University Data Controller (address below).
  2. You will be asked to complete a form stating which records you wish to see and to pay a small administration fee.
  3. The University Data Controller will then contact relevant departments requesting that we supply all relevant documentation to that office. We will then hand over a copy of your records in a sealed envelope which will be forwarded to you by the University Data Controller.
  4. We will still offer you the opportunity to meet with one of our team to discuss your notes before we hand over copies of your records.

Responding to your request

We are required by law to comply with your request within 40 days. If the request is received outside of our peak times, and if we do not need to apply for consent for disclosure from third parties, then it is likely that we will respond sooner.

Access to records by your solicitor

It is possible for you to request that your solicitor accesses your personal records on your behalf – this is most likely for the purposes of legal action (eg compensation claims). Please contact the University Data Controller (address below) to request the appropriate form for the disclosure of your records.

Written reports for use in court proceedings

We do not provide written reports for use in court proceedings, unless subpoenaed. We would then ask the Judge, if you agree, if a summary may be provided instead of the notes if this seems more appropriate.

This is a very rare occurrence, and we would try to consult you fully in this event. However, we would always comply with legal requirements.

We will provide confirmation of attendance to the Wellbeing Service for use in legal cases. All requests for this kind of information should be made to the Head of Service or Deputy Head of Service in their absence.

Contact the University Data Controller

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Commercial Director and Corporation Secretary)
Finance and Commercial Developments
Financial Services
Frenchay Campus
Coldharbour Lane
Bristol, BS16 1QY

Client confidentiality

We will not reveal anything about you, your attendance or your discussions in appointments to anyone without your explicit permission. View client confidentiality arrangements at the Wellbeing Service.

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