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Feel Good Focus

Each month, Feel Good Focus promotes different activities and events aimed at improving student's health and wellbeing. Throughout the year students are encouraged to get involved with themed activities in order to raise awareness about mental and physical health.

Feel Good Focus is run in close partnership with our Wellbeing Service and The Students' Union at UWE.

Feel Good Focus themes

Month Theme Types of activities Further information
January Dry January Reducing alcohol intake, mocktail recipes
February Feel Good February A month's worth of events focused on physical and mental health, healthy eating and wellbeing
March Sleep Improving sleep quality and patterns, managing energy levels
April Relaxation Exam relaxation, procrastination tips, taking breaks, reducing stress
May Five ways to wellbeing Advice on staying in touch with friends, learning and studying, being active and giving to others View Feel Good events for May
June Staying healthy during the summer Benefits of exercise, nature walks, community gardening, workouts
July Hydration and skin health Increasing water intake, signs of dehydration
August Healthy eating Easy recipes, snack swaps, hydration and portion sizes

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Feel Good events

Throughout the year we run Feel Good events, which students are welcome to attend:

View all upcoming events.

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