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Funding for estranged undergraduate students

You may be entitled to money from the government and UWE Bristol.

Government funding for estranged students in 2016

Qualifying as an estranged student

You will be assessed as an estranged student by Student Finance or by the NHS if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are under 25 on 1 September 2016
  • You can provide evidence that you have not communicated with your parents for one year before the start of your course and/or
  • You can prove that the lack of contact with your parents is permanent

You will need to provide evidence of the above from a professional person known to you such as a teacher or doctor. Once you have been assessed as estranged, you will be awarded maximum funding.

Maximum funding for estranged students from Student Finance England

Funding for fees: Tuition Fee Loan £9,000
Funding for living costs: Maintenance Loan £8,200
UWE Bursary £3,000
Total living costs funding £11,200
£215 per week

Use the Student Finance Calculator to work out how much you might be entitled to.

Maximum funding for estranged students from the NHS

It is more difficult to give you a clear idea of the maximum funding for NHS courses (such as midwifery), as the maximum bursary will depend on the course you study.

Funding for fees: Paid by the NHS £9,000
Funding for living costs: Maintenance Loan £2,324
NHS Grant £1,000
NHS Bursary (amount depends on your course) £3,315 - £4,491
Total living costs funding £6,639 - £7,815
£127 - £150 per week

Funding available from UWE Bristol

UWE Bursary (non-repayable)

Full-time students who receive funding from Student Finance England (non-NHS funded) who meet the Estranged student criteria for the UWE Bursary will receive £3,000 in the first year, paid in three instalments.

You will receive £1,000 in subsequent years of study. You must be under 25 on 1 September 2016 to receive the UWE Bursary as an estranged student.

To be considered for the UWE Bursary you must meet the same criteria as described above. We will ask you for evidence of your status such as a statement from a professional person confirming that you are permanently estranged from your parents. This will be the same information as you provide to Student Finance England.

Students are only eligible to receive one bursary of £3,000 even if they also fall into another priority group, such as being a carer.

If you are unsure whether your situation fits into the above criteria or if you have questions about the evidence we require then please get in touch:

Part-time students will be eligible for a £500 bursary for each year of study.

Continuing full-time students who received a Bursary in previous years will receive £1,000 per year.

Learner Support Fund

If you are supported by Student Finance Wales, Northern Ireland, the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, or the NHS, you will not be entitled to the UWE Bursary above. 

However, you will be a priority for support from the Learner Support Fund which can provide an equivalent level of non-repayable awards as the Bursary.  Applications are means-tested.

More information can be found on the Learner Support Fund page.

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