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Funding for undergraduate care leavers

You may be entitled to money from three different places: the government, UWE Bristol, and your Local Authority.

Government funding for care leavers in 2016

Qualifying for maximum funding (Student finance or NHS)

You will receive maximum funding below if you meet the following criteria:

  • you are under 25 on 1 September and
  • you have been in the care of a Local Authority for at least 13 weeks around your 16th birthday and
  • you have not returned to live with your natural parents since leaving care and
  • you will have less than £25,000 taxable income. (Part-time earnings are ignored).

If you meet the above criteria, you should receive the funding below.

Maximum funding for a care leaver from Student Finance England

Funding for fees: Fee Loan £9,000
Funding for living costs:
Maintenance Loan £8,200
UWE Care Leaver Bursary £3,000
Local Authority Grant £660
Total living costs funding £11,860
£228 per week

Maximum funding for a care leaver from the NHS

It is more difficult to give you a clear idea of the maximum funding for NHS courses (such as midwifery), as the maximum bursary will depend on the course you study.

Funding for fees: Paid by the NHS £9,000
Funding for living costs:
Maintenance Loan £2,324
NHS Grant £1,000
NHS Bursary (amount depends on your course) £3,315 - £4,491
UWE Care Leaver Bursary £3,000
Local Authority Grant £660
Total living costs funding £10,299 - £11,475. £198 - £220 per week

University funding

UWE Care Leaver Bursary (non-repayable)

New students who meet the Care Leaver criteria for the UWE Bursary will receive £3,000 in the first year, paid in three instalments. In both your second and third years, you will receive £1,000.

Students are only eligible to receive one bursary of £3,000 even if they also fall into another priority group, such as being a carer.

Continuing full-time students who received a Bursary in previous years will receive £1,000 per year.

Learner Support Fund

In addition to the Bursary, you will be a priority for support from the Learner’s Support Fund if you have additional financial needs such as childcare or high travel costs.  Applications are means-tested.

More information can be found
on the Learner Support Fund page.

Local Authority Funding (non-repayable)

As a minimum, your Local Authority will provide at least £2,000 during your course. Some Local Authorities will provide more. How this grant is paid will depend on your Local Authority. It is included as £660 per year income in the funding illustration above. Please speak to your Personal Adviser or Social Worker to find out what extra funding is available to you.

If you have any further questions about funding and finance, please e-mail Annabel, the named contact for care leavers at

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